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In addition to our standard menu, we’ll have specials that we post from time to time. Let us know what you’d like to see on the menu and we can make it happen!



Let us do the cooking for you at your next event! With our truck it doubles as a DJ setup for entertainment. We can play any range of music and even iPod/iPhone playlists right off the truck. It’s more than just a food truck it’s an experience to share with everyone. We offer three different options for catering bookings. Please read through the descriptions below and feel free to email us if you have any additional questions. We look forward to serving you at your event!

1) All-You-Can-Eat format, cost is determined by a fixed number of expected attendees. See below for cost breakdown.

2) Pre-purchased discount format. We can offer a discounted bulk order option, where you can order exact quantities ahead of time. This is the traditional catering format where all food is ordered prior to the event. This catering option can be provided with or without the truck itself, food can be cooked just before the event to insure freshness.

3) Guaranteed Minimum Format. Depending on the event and how many attendees, we can take a predetermined deposit and if the total number of orders are not met, then only a portion of the deposit is refunded. This is a good option since it is possible that you will receive your entire deposit back.


TIME : Available as early as 11am and as late as 11pm.

Catering Minimum : Based on a 2 hour event ($800-1500 – depending on the date/time)
* If the event is longer than 2 hours, the price per person may be higher.*


$10 per person – Unlimited Tacos (Adobo, Longanisa, Loco Moco, RR Chicken)
$14 per person – Unlimited Tacos (Adobo, Longanisa, Loco Moco, RR Chicken) + 1 Entree Item

+$2 per person – Unlimited Drinks (Sodas & Waters)

Special items and arrangements can be requested ahead of time.


9.25% Sales Tax
15% Service Charge


Length: 25ft
Width: 13.5ft – 10ft (Service Doors Open)
Height: 14ft- 12ft (Roof Tops Open)

Private Parking area is preferred. Street Parking must be at least 200ft from other food establishments and at least 500ft from school areas. Please make sure that we are allowed to park in designated area before the event. If parking or authorization is not allowed on the day of the event, then only half of the cost will be refunded. Food truck is not able to drive up +30% inclines.

For more information or to book an event, please email

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